Mastabol 100

  • Drug Class:
    Anabolic Steroid (for intramuscular injection)
  • Active Life:
    3 days
  • Average Dose:
    Men 350-500 mg/week, Women 75-150 mg/week
  • Liver Toxicity:
  • Aromatization rate:
  • DHT Conversion:
  • Decrease HPTA function:
  • Anabolic/ Androgenic rate:
  • Units:
    100 mg/ml
  • Active Substance:

    Drostanolone Propionate


Mastabol 100:Copmletely prepares you in the precompetitive period

The Uses

Generally speaking mastabol 100 is an androgenic and anabolic product substantially contribute to the muscle density and hardness.The anabolic effect maintains the optimum nitrogen level so that the protein synthesis is accelerated.The muscle tissues develop rapidly by absorbing protein adequately.It being a synthetic version of testosterone the estrogen related water retention is eliminated and the muscle development is genuine.The strength sports persons have found this injectable product quite effective during precompetitive preparations.It improves the masculine structure,increases hardness and decreases body fat.It significantly promotes lean muscles.In the process the strength sports persons can perform at an ehnaced level.Previously it was used for breast cancer treatments.Additionally It enhances sex drive too.


It has been observed that mastabol 100 being a synthetic version of testosterone, stimulates the production of red blood cells and the flow of oxygen becomes uniform in the blood stream. As a result you can experience an increased physical endurance. Moreover you will have a definite change in masculine appearance. It is used during mass gaining stacks to avoid water retention and estrogen effects. It has been observed that its fat burning capacity is 5 to 7 percent.

Dose and cycles

Better to use it for a period of 6 to 10 weeks for cutting cycle and the bulking cycle will allow you to have lean muscle mass.


Mode of functioning

Lower level of water retention as caused by mastabol 100 enables the muscles to develop genuinely.This product being a synthetic version of testosterone enables the body to retain sufficient nitrogen, in the process the protein synthesis is stimulated significantly. The muscle tissues grow rapidly by absorbing adequate amount of protein.It blocks estrogen and prolactin, causing great addition to the cycle. Being a great inhibitor of estrogen receptors, the possibility of side effects is eliminated.


It is better that you prepare a list of medications you are already having and show it to the specialists and follow the suggestion. In general, when you use mastabol 100, it is prudent to keep away from pain killer, cough relievers and medications  for anxiety.


The last 3 to 4 weeks before any competition is very vital as the strength sports persons put  the finishing touches to the body. Now mastabol 100 enables for the right kind of preparation in the shortest possible time. It makes the muscles tough, hard and maximum sharpness of masculine outline can be attained. The veins are clearly shown and the physical endurance increases. The body structure is prepared to perform at an enhanced level. Its effectiveness has been widely observed in the case of cutting cycle.

For the right kind of results mastabol 100 should be injected every 3 to 4 days in order to maintain its potent level in the blood stream.The usual dose is 200 to 350mg per week for men,in the case of female a speciliast has to be consulted and the stipulated dose is 25 to 50 mg per week.Generally a specialist stipulate the dose according to your body weight,experience,strength sports goals and the medical conditions.This product does not strain the liver so it can be used in long cycles.The normal cycle spans from 6 to 12 weeks and the  the Post Cycle Therapy supplements have to be taken if suggested by the specialist to reduce the estrogen effects.This product can be conveniently stacked but it is necessary to consult a specialist and your trainer. It is 


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