British Dragon Pharmaceuticals is proud to announce its new products will all be equipped with state of the art BD-PSS system which will enable all its customers to identify the legitimacy and manufacturing information of each individual product online. The BD-PSS will work in the following manner: each product will be branded with a unique security code known only to the manufacturer – patient will enter this code to our website and the security software will automatically verify the PSS code. We believe that BD-PSS system will help British Dragon in rooting out all unscrupulous individuals and organizations that used to make counterfeit products. We ask all our customers to remember that counterfeit products are extremely dangerous for patients as no quality control is exercised over the production and in many cases the actual contents of products are sometimes completely different than stated on the label. It is believed that at one stage of the old British Dragon production 95 % of products available on the market were poor quality counterfeits.

Check your Supplier

British Dragon is a Pharmaceutical Procurement Company. Products are made to our specifications and within our quality control guidelines. Products are independently quality-tested by British Dragon before release.Please input your supplier's email or website address (example and click check to see if your supplier is on our approved list.
*This is only for internet sales*