Methanabol Tablets

  • Drug Class:
    Oral Anabolic Androgenic Steroid
  • Units:
    10 mg/tab
  • Active Substance:



Methanabol tablets: Immidiate anabolic outcome

The uses

This orally applicable anabolic product has a substantial effect on protein metabolism and it is a synthetic derivative of testosterone.It has both the anabolic and androgenic forces the former being stronger.It enables to create the right kind of nitrogen balance to promote protein synthesis.In the process size and strength of muscle and the bone density increase.At the same time increased production of red blood cells enhances the physical endurance,in totality the strength sports persons can perform at an enhanced level.It is quite useful in the treatment of androgen deficiency and anemia.


It has been observed that Methanabol tablets are appetite stimulant,increases production of red blood,improves skeletal mascular structure and bone density.It induces  a better sense of well being.Any existing androgen deficiency can be taken care of by the functioning of this product. This is also an affordable option for the beginners who want to attain tangible results. This product is characterized by a number of effects that makes it suitable to use in power sports arena by quickly setting up muscle mass as it  improves the absorption process of protein and calcium.

Doses and cycle

The optional dose of Methanabol tablets is 10 to 50mg per day but that depens on your body weight,tolerability,strength sports goals and the medical conditions.In order to get the best effect the dose is divided between morning and evening.You should take this product after meals and drink a lot of fluid so that the liver is not strained.You should know that Methanabol tablets can be combined with other anabolic products for greater results but in this regard you should consult a specialist and the trainer also.The typical cycle duration is 2 to 4 weeks with a gradual reduction in doses.In order to remove the estrogen effects you should take Post Cycle Therapy supplements and you can consult the specialist in this regard.

Mode of functioning

Basically, Methanabol tablets have strong androgenic and anabolic influences,the latter being stronger.It stimulates the protein features and has a common influence on the protein metabolism rate.It’s popularity lies in the fact that it gives an  immediate anabolic outcome.The ingredients are quickly made available to the blood and the bone joint lubrication is optimized. Its influence on protein metabolism, maintains a positive nitrogen stability to build up skeletal muscular proportion. It adequately offers the solution for tissue building process through breakdown of glycogen. This modified testosterone has a high anabolic effect and the preparations are so that it can be used for other purposes also.


You should keep a list of products you already use and show it to the specialist. It is better to refrain from having pain killers, cough relievers and medications for sleep and anxiety.


Concerning Methanabol tablets the best results as widely demonstrated over time is in the strength sports arena. At the same time one should mention it’s treatment utility in the case of androgen deficit and anemia. The quick anabolic outcome of this product has made it popular. Its ability to stimulate protein synthesis by stabilizing the nitrogen retention is the key behind the increase in size and strength of muscles. In addition, in the case of any muscle injury this product can quickly heal that. Moreover, due to the increased production of red blood cells the physical endurance increases and the sports persons can spend long hours in the training schedule to improve their skills for better performance.


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