Oxanabol Tablets

  • Drug Class:
    Oral Anabolic Androgenic Steroid
  • Units:
    10 mg/tab
  • Active Substance:



Oxanabol Tablets

The uses

In the medical field Oxanabol Tablets are successfully used in the case of treatment for weight lost and physical trauma in post surgery phase,weight lost due to unexplainable reason,osteoporosis and development of muscles.This synthetic version of testosterone was initially used for treating muscle losses after a surgery and later on, this property was translated to a muscle building benefit for the power sports persons.The anabolic factor in this product being on the higher side so it is quite useful in building the muscle tissues.


It is classified as a synthetic version of testosterone and it has both the anabolic and androgenic properties. Generally speaking, Oxanabol Tablets stimulate the body sufficiently to produce testosterone.The level of this hormone can go down after men attain the age of 50 and this phase is known as andropause where sexual desires are effected,this product can be quite useful in this regard.In the case the specialist suggests initially,then you have to go through a few blood tests to check the overall body function.It has become widely popular because it has higher anabolic effects without any strain on your organs.It is useful for persons who fail to maintain normal weight due to unexplained reasons.

Doses and cycles

You should be very careful about the doses of Oxanabol Tablets because you should take the tablets after due consultation by a specialist.The dose depends on your experience,body weight ,medical conditions and your power sports goals.For male the dose is 30mg to 80mg per day and that for the female is 5mg to 15mg perday.Though higher dose 100mg for men and 20mg for the female has been observed but that is not very common.Study has revealed that it has a half life of 8 to 10 hours so the daily dose has to be split in two parts.A typical cycle lasts upto six weeks and it hs to be followed by taking Post Cycle Therapy supplements. You will find the recommended dose on the label and never indulge in overdose.

The mode of functioning

The two essential mechanisms in relation to this product are firstly creation of anabolic or muscle tissue developing environment and the second is the promotion nitrogen retention in the muscle tissues. Studies have categorically shown that Oxanabol Tablets enable the transportation of muscle developing amino acids. A particular study also confirmed that a short time dose of five days is sufficient to accelerate protein synthesis and transportation of amino acid, both of which are absolutely necessary for muscle building.


You have to consult a specialist regarding the various other medications taken and the type of diet. In the case you use Oxanabol Tablets then you should consult a specialist in the case you are already having any sort of blood thinner, certain cancer medication, birth control pills and cholestyramine. 


On the medical field turner syndrome, weight lost and physical trauma in the post surgery phase and osteoporosis have been treated successfully. It also has acted as a sexual stimulator and it has been successfully used in weight loss programs. For the power sports persons Oxanabol Tablets enabled them to give match winning performances when they have followed regimented training schedules while taking the product.


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